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Every year, dentists in Canada lease tens of millions of dollars of new dental equipment. But to most dentists, the lease calculations are very confusing. Terms such as "rate factor", "present value", "interim interest", "stretch lease" and others may be important in the context of their lease, but otherwise are meaningless to the dentist. Most are interested in knowing the effective rate of interest but this is usually not obvious, even to their accountant, simply because there are many variables in a lease contract. One can only hope that the leasing representative is acting in the clients interest, and that the deal that's being received is the one that is being portrayed.

EthicLease takes the mystery out of leasing by telling you in writing the actual, true, effective interest rate. EthicLease is backed by major Canadian banks and other large financial institutions, so we are confident that our rates are among the lowest in the industry. It is important to us, as well as to you, that you have the option of going elsewhere if we are not able to present you with the best deal possible. You can only make this decision if you have all the facts about your lease, and this is what EthicLease provides. When you are comparing apples with apples, we are confident you will choose EthicLease.

Try out a web-based lease calculator courtesy of Time Value Software: Click Here

For a lease quotation, or to have EthicLease confirm your existing lease interest rates,
contact Bill Alton by phone at (416) 731-6535 or 1-866-731-6535 or by email at

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